◆ カタック(古典舞踊)基礎レッスン Kathak basic lesson

毎週土曜日 Every Saturday

14:30-15:45 (75分)    料金:3000円/1回 チケット(3カ月有効) 15000円 6回 初回トライアル1500円

14:30-15:45 (75mins) 3000yen / one lesson, Ticket 15000yen for 6 lessons , Trial 1500 yen

場所 : 代々木worcle 303号室
Yoyogi worcle studio 303
2F 1-36-12, Yoyogi Shibuya-ku


This is a Kathak lesson of North Indian classical dance. All levels can learn basic footwork, hand movements, rhythm, and expression. The instructor is a Sri Lankan, Anushka, who majored in Kathak at university in India and taught it at school after graduation. She teaches with great enthusiasm and care. Our lessons are given in English, you will be able to learn while experiencing the powerful and detailed steps of the local language.

◆ 南インドコリウッドレッスン South Indian Kollywood lesson

毎週土曜日 Every Saturday

16:00-17:15 料金:2000円
16:00-17:15 price : 2000yen

場所 : 代々木worcle 601号室(部屋は変更になる場合もあります)
Yoyogi worcle studio 601 (It might change sometimes) 
2F 1-36-12, Yoyogi Shibuya-ku


Kollywood is the Tamil-language film industry of South India! Compared to Bollywood, the steps are more Indian-like. The steps are fast and look difficult, but the instructor Mr. Varun, who is from South India, teaches nicely and carefully. And the main focus is on having fun rather than on the accuracy of the steps themselves, so anyone can dance. This is Indian dance! You will be able to feel India in this lesson.

◆ ボリウッドフィットネスレッスン Bollywood Fitness lesson (マサラエクサ Masala fitness) 

毎週水曜日 Every Wednesday

19:30-20:30 料金:2000円, チケット3ヶ月有効 6回分 10,000円 (1レッスン1600円)
19:30-20:30 price : 2000yen, Ticket valid for 3 months 10,000yen for 6 lessons (1600 yen for one lesson) 

場所 : 渋谷 worcle
Shibuya worcle studio
14-10, Sakuragaoka Shibuya-ku


It’s an original fitness program designed by an Indian instructor living in India. The exercises incorporate the unique Indian style and are performed to the music of Bollywood movies and Southern Indian Kollywood movies. It’s okay to miss or forget steps.
It’s okay if you don’t have rhythm or dance poorly.
The most important thing is to have fun. Let’s have fun with the music!


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