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Love Indian Dance School

Established in February 2017, I wanted to spread Indian dance and Indian culture to Japan. I have been hosting a Bollywood event as ‘Love Bollywood in Tokyo’ since 2015 and I met people who has a lot of passion for Bollywood. I created this website because I wanted to share these passion and improve our dane showcase quality.

Currently we do not have regular lessons, but I occasionally do a workshop when I get a request from an overseas teacher or I have practice lessons with dance members if there is a performance chance.

Organizer Message

I am Japanese. You may know, some Japanese are not confident of dancing. I also did not like dancing before. I thought ‘I don’t have a sense, I don’t have a rhythmic sense …That’s why I cannot dance’. I didn’t dance in my school even a dance was in a curriculum.
However when I watched a Bollywood film, I felt.. ‘ I want to dance this!’
I couldn’t stop my passion for it so I had started practicing Bollywood dance. It was in 2014.
I studied with watching video, observing and analyzing Bollywood dancers. Then I realized, ‘Everyone can dance with proper observation and trainings, It is not from rhythmic senses’.
Dance is with your passion! I believe we can do anything with it.

Thank you,
Organizer Yu Hosaka


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Love Indian Dance School
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