Our Business

  • Hosting of Indian dance lessons
  • Organizing Indian fitness lessons
  • Providing Indian dance performances (Bollywood, semi-classical, classical)
  • Organizing and advising Indian Bollywood dance parties
  • Training and dispatching dance instructors
  • Dispatch of Bollywood DJs
  • Advisor for Indian dance related services

The following business with SOUNDS BEST LLC

  • Event Consulting
  • Assistance in planning Indian events for companies
  • Planning, drafting, production, implementation, consulting, representation, agency and agent services for advertising, publicity, sales promotion and marketing
  • Planning, production, sales and management of digital contents
  • Training and management of models and performers
  • Planning, drafting, production, operation, and consulting business related to various events such as events, training sessions, and seminars for companies and individuals
  • Casting services related to advertisements and event appearances for companies and individuals

About Yu Hosaka

She has been fascinated by India’s glittering and energetic culture and have been organizing Bollywood events and dance performances since 2015. She specializes in the pursuit of Indian-ness and strives to better understand India as a bridge between India and Japan.

India has so many cultures that it took her several years just to understand it. She hopes that this knowledge and network will be of help to companies and individuals who are planning to invite Indian companies to Japan, as well as to companies and media who are developing Indian content.

Love Bollywood in Tokyo(Love Indian Dance School)
Yu Hosaka
Email : lovebollywood.tokyo@gmail.com
Phone: 070-2823-9228