Beginners are welcome! | Bollywood Dance Worksop in Hachobori

Hello Bollywood dance lovers!
We will have Bollywood dance workshop. You will have chance for dance performance if you can join almost all lessons 😉 Please join our team!!

What is Bollywood?
It’s about Indian film industry… You may see many Bollywood songs in Indian restaurant, dancing with many ppl and with smiling! Everyone can enjoy Bollywood freely 😉

Day: 29th Aug, 5th Sep, 12th Sep Wed.
Time: 20:15-21:45
20:15-20:45 Warm up and will teach some point of dance if there are beginners.
20:45-21:45 Dance choreography lesson.
Place: Hachobori Studio SUMUTHIN
Mizusawa building 3F, 2-1-2 Hachobori Chuo-ku Tokyo
3mins from Hachobori station, 7mins from Kayabacho station.
Price: 2500yen for one lesson
Pre-reservation: 7000 yen for 3 lessons.
How to register? : Please message me on Facebook or this e-mail address.
090-9335-0501 (Yu Hosaka)

Song: Ek Do Teen

Teacher: Varsha
She had a experience of Bharatanatyam, Belly dance and Bollywood.

Organizer: Love Bollywood in Tokyo, Yu Hosaka
I started to organize this group and dance Bollywood 3 years ago. I’m very interested in Indian energetic and beautiful culture and want to extend it to Japan. Please join our team if you like dancing! I’m always happy to dance and share this feeling together…

◆ For dance performance 
– We will have a dance performance on Oct or Nov. We will order a dance costume around first week of Sep.
– We will have another brush-up lesson on 22nd Sep 13:00- in Shibuya.
– We often have a dance performance in events happening in Tokyo. Let us know if you want to participate with us 🙂
some of our performance videos are here..
Please feel free to ask anything… Thank you!
Yu Hosaka

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