【Lesson Schedule】Gharba Dance Lesson | Indian Folk | Every Monday | performance chance

This is a Indian folk dance, ‘Gharba’ Lesson!

What is Gharba Dance?
Gharba is one a famous folk dance in Indian. It is a Gujarat folk dance for the God, the Durga. (The Durga is for women power). The dance is very famous of autumn season festival, the Navratri.
The dance is including many basic steps for Bollywood: turn your body with your hands and neck movement. This dance form is very energetic!

What is a folk dance?
Repeating same steps with many people like a Japanese dance ‘Bonodori’ or a latin dance ‘Salsa’. You can dance with any songs if you learn a basic! Indian people are dancing a folk song front of the God for blessing. It is including Prayer meaning.

Teacher will teach steps one by one. We will have a dance performance on 25th Jun. You can join if you want 🙂 Please join us one lesson, if you are interested in Indian dance!

Date : Every Monday until in 25th Jun.
(On 1st, 8th, 15th, 22th, 29th May, 5th, 12th, 19th Jun)
Price : 2000yen (including a studio fee)
Time : 8:00-9:00 pm
Place : Studio21 (5mins from Asakusabashi station)
B1 3-1-3 Asakusabashi Taitou-ku Tokyo
Teacher: Monica

Additional Information——

Indian Festival Ratha Yatra in Kawasaki
Performance Day: on 25th Jun
The festival is from Odisha, Indian. But we will perform a Gharba Dance there!

Please feel free to ask anything! Thank you.



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