Dance Performance Indian Holi Festival in Funabori

We had a dance performance in March soon after starting our dance lesson in February.
Attended some students from Wednesday and Saturday lesson.

Holi is an Indian festival that is putting a color powder for each other. Basically it holds in March.
We danced Hole’s popular song ‘Salam Pichikari’ and ‘Go Go Go Govind!’ (I don’t know how many GO we need!).
It is marriage song but good for dancing with many people! ‘London Thumakuda’.
And little bit challenge song, ‘Nagata Sang Dohle’.

There is a many beginner! some persons are totally first time to do dancing.
But I felt we danced very well and beautiful! Many smiles. Thank you, teacher Monika.

Anyway we all are enjoyed the Holi festival 🙂



There was many Indians so I felt like as if I was in India!

I hope more Japanese guests are coming next year.
It was a very nice opportunity to know about Indian culture.


There are our dance performance videos. Please check.

Holi Festival in Funabori

London Thumakda

Balam Pichikari

Go Go Govinda

Nagata Sang Dohle

Thank you!

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