Dance Basic Training on 22th April from 13pm【Closed】

This lesson is a little bit unique! Focusing on ‘How do you use your body’.

Yes, Dancing needs a sense of rhythm or movement.
But I think ‘a way to use your body’ is more important than it!

Totally different from Indian’s body-build and Japanese’s one.
There is a many reason: Life style, food, DNA and the structure of the bone and muscle etc…

What points are different for dancing? How do we recognize it?
What point do we need to care for fixing these differences?
Which training is most effective?

We Japanese have a lot of dest work since we were young.
It is a one of a reason for not having enough muscle for dancing.
Let’s increase it with efficiency training and dance like an Bollywood stars!

Day: 22th April 2017

Price: 2000yen (special price)

Capacity : 6 members Sorry we closed, we may have a next lesson one month later

The teacher is Ins Kim who is a therapist and athlete trainer.
She cannot dance but she is a body specialist. She knows how should people use our body.

We will soon update the lesson feedback!

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